The Book Fair

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This evening I worked at the Scholastic Spring Book Fair being held at one of my five schools. I always like to work at the fair: to see all the books, poster, pencils and erasers. This particular fair is held in conjunction with parent conferences, so there are a lot of families wandering in and out as they head off to meet with their child’s teacher.


Almost all of the children are excited, happy and have no problem finding things to purchase. The parents vary. Some are nice and just as enthusiastic as their children, while others are tired, impatient and simply want to go home. Tonight I was fortunate to have a volunteer and her son come to help me.   Since neither had worked at a book fair before, I showed them how to use the cash register and then just watched to make sure they were doing it correctly. The cash register is amazing and allows us to take cash, checks or a credit/debit card. How well I remember the good old days when we took only cash or checks, used a little calculator, and wrote the receipts by hand. I was very good at making change back then, but now the register gives us that information.

cash regis

Students at this school are very fortunate because the Parent Group provides money so each child is able to buy one book that costs under $ 7.00. It’s nice to know that each student will be able to enjoy a new book purchased from the Scholastic book fair.


4 thoughts on “The Book Fair

  1. Your post reminded me of how much I always look forward to the book fair! I love that every child is able to purchase a book! I hate the thought of kids wanting books but being unable to afford them.


  2. So, I can admit to you then that one of my favorite parts of being a professional development provider is that I get to visit many schools….and attend multiple book fairs…all year long! Had my child-self known this would be my future, I would have had much sweeter dreams. I love the idea of parent groups providing money for kids to buy books. I’m wondering if we could make this happen in my home district…hmmm….


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