The Russell’s House

slice of life 1

The house next door to me is empty, and has been empty for about six years. Not only is it empty, it’s dying and will probably need to be torn down. The story is sad

Once the Russell’s lived in that house; Mr. Russell, Mrs. Russell and their daughter Linda. Mr. and Mrs. Russell were old, probably in the 70’s or 80’s, and Linda was in her 50’s. Mrs. Russell always baked pies or zucchini bread for us and at Halloween had special treats for my two boys. Their house and yard were immaculate and always decorated for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I remember going inside and being amazed at the spotless kitchen and living room; it was nothing like mine. They were good neighbors.

First Mrs. Russell died and a few years later while on a trip to Florida, Mr. Russell died. Linda stayed in the house for a year or two and then decided to sell it. A young couple bought it. They had no children, but many pets; and they trashed the house. They left it rather suddenly, with the walls scratched and the rugs stained and smelly. No one has lived in it since. The other day I noticed the front door of the house had blown open and I’m sure the front room must be filled with snow. Today as I drove past I saw that open door and I remembered how the Russell’s had taken such good care of that house. Such a sad story.


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