Raisin Bran and Libraries

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This morning I decided to change my breakfast routine. instead of my usual very healthy oatmeal and yogurt, I would have cold cereal.  I looked at what was in the cabinet; ancient rice krispies, mini shredded wheat with strawberry frosting, honeynut cheerios and raisin bran. Deciding that the raisin bran would probably be my healthiest choice, I grabbed the box and pulled it down. The word “Books” caught my eye. It seemed odd that the word “Books” would be on the back of a box of raisin bran. Probably it had to do with sending in box tops for a Disney movie book, I thought, as I took a closer look. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the entire back of the box was a promotion for public libraries. As I ate my raisin bran, I read it. There was a lot of information on that box, covering interlibrary loan, reference services, the internet, teens, audiobooks, online books, just about everything. This wasn’t one of the big cereal brands like General Mills or Kellogg, but our small local grocery store brand. I know that I love my public library, but why would a cereal company choose to put this on their box? I checked  carefully for any clues, but saw nothing, except an 800 number that you could call with questions or comments. So I’ll try calling the number to thank them for promoting reading and public libraries, and maybe I’ll find out what prompted them to provide this wonderful information on the back of their boxes of raisin bran. And next time I’m in Food City I’ll have to see what’s on the back of their other cereals.

cereal box


4 thoughts on “Raisin Bran and Libraries

  1. This is great! I love that it’s local too! I’m often intrigued by words on food items – for instance, Smart Water is often great reading and Chipotle used to have little vignettes on their soft drink cups! Thanks for sharing your slice today!


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