Spine Poem and Thoughts

slice of life 1

Not my best, but it was fun to try something new. The worst part was I had to shelve the books when I was done.

spine poem

Tonight I think about my experience blogging for the past 31 days. Hard to believe it’s been that long because it seems like the challenge just started the other day. Thanks Diana for suggesting that I try it. I’m glad I did it, but I won’t deny that I’m happy it’s over because I need more sleep. I’m kind of a late night blogger. I looked at the things I wrote and some are good. Next year, or maybe every Tuesday, I plan on thinking more about the craft of writing and what makes good writing.   There’s a lot to learn and I’ve merely scratched the surface.


3 thoughts on “Spine Poem and Thoughts

  1. “There’s a lot to learn and I’ve merely scratched the surface.” This line is perfect because I think it accurately describes the writing process.
    I also loved the book spine poem!

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  2. I am always amazed at how quickly the month flies by, too! I agree, as well, that coming back on Tuesdays sounds like a chance to really focus on the craft of writing, rather than just getting a slice out as quickly as possible! Congrats on making it!


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