Sky Watcher

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I’m a sky watcher and have been for about the past four years. I love to look at the sky and notice how it’s never the same, much like snowflakes. Even a gray cloudy day is beautiful to me because I love the subtle shades of gray that are visible if you look closely. Sometimes I take pictures with my ipad or camera, but other times I just enjoy watching it. When you take the time to stop and observe, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the colors in a sunrise or a sunset will change.

I don’t know how many sky pictures I have because I’m afraid to count them. When I retire, I’m going to take a photography course so my shots will look like the sky the way I see it. It’s very frustrating to take a picture and then see that the color is off. I need to learn how to adjust the color and things lie that. Until then, I’ll just continue to look and try to capture some of the beauty that I see.

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