Beading Today

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Today I had time to do something that I enjoy, beading. I had two projects that I needed to finish and get off the dining room table, a bracelet and a necklace. The bracelet went relatively quickly since the pattern is repetitious and it calls for some good sized beads. It’s not entirely finished, but I didn’t  attach the clasp because I’m not sure what type I’m going to use. There are so many choices and finishes that deciding on what clasp to use is the hardest part for me.

The necklace was a much more difficult piece. It was made almost entirely with seed beads which are very tiny and each bead was stitched individually.  Though not a great photo, you can see that the necklace is made up of these many many little beads.  The golden yellow drop beads are actually fresh water pearls that have been dyed.  The pearls are an odd color , but I think the necklace came out okay.

Though I like to bead, I don’t always have a lot of time, but that doesn’t stop me from buying new beads. I’m what they call a bead hoarder since I have more beads than I’ll probably ever use.  Despite this vast stash of beads, when I go to start a project, I never seem to have all the beads I need to complete it. I’m always missing a size or a color which means that I have to buy more.  But can you ever really have too many beads? I think not.

Sorry these pictures are not very clear.

Bracelet brace close neck close neck


3 thoughts on “Beading Today

  1. “I’m what they call a bead hoarder since I have more beads than I’ll probably ever use.” This line stuck with me because I could take out the word bead and insert yarn, professional books, etc. I am glad you had time for beading tonight!


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