Nodding off…

slice of life 1

I’m sitting in my chair thinking about what to write for my SOL and next thing I know my head jerks and I realize it’s 9:45. Asleep at the laptop again!

I was up until midnight last because I was talking to my son who had just driven to Maine from West Virginia. I woke at 5AM which gave me time to have a cup of tea, meditate with Deepak and Ophrah for 20 minutes, ride the bike and read for 20 minutes, feed the horse and get ready to go to work. Next came a full day of work, including trying to make book trailers with the chatty and unruly 5th grade class that I have at the end of the day. By 4:30 I was in Shaw’s doing my weekly shopping. Once home, I fed the horse and dog, made a quick supper, did the dishes, and finally sat down to write. Then my head jerks and I wake up.

So there is my slice of life for today and now it’s time for bed.


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