Changing Plans

slice of life 1   Tomorrow my son, Dan, is coming home after a year of living with his girlfriend in West Virginia. It’s exciting because her classes are finished there and they will be coming back to Maine permanently. But tonight he called and something was wrong. Things weren’t working out the way they should have. The classes that Nina was supposed to be taking in Orono in June ended up being too expensive and she may have to stay in West Virginia for a few more months. So I listened to him and I could hear how upset and disappointed he was.   West Virginia had not been good to Dan and he was anxious to get back to Maine. I offered some advice, but that just upset him more. So we ended the conversation.  I worried that maybe they would break up or something. An hour or so later Dan texted that he still was driving home tomorrow, and did I have an iron, and did it actually work. So I think things have calmed down a little and new plans are being made. I’m sure I’ll hear all about them when Dan arrives home. What I need to remember is less advice and more listening, and that they’re grownups and can figure it out themselves.


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