A Fun Day in the Learning Commons

slice of life 1

Today was a fun day in the Learning Commons because I got to teach all the classes. I always teach grade 5 so that wasn’t unusual. The lesson was showing students how to cite text and images using Britannica online. I let them choose their own topic to research and they liked that.

My other classes were a grade 4, grade 3 and grade 2. In these classes, we played a jeopardy game using the 10 Chickadee Award books that we had read this year. Each class was divided into 4 groups and they all had a chance to answer each question. It was so much fun to watch them trying to come up with the correct answer. From the excitement in their voices, I think they had a good time. After the game, students had a chance to vote for their favorite Chickadee Award book of the year.

The day flew by and was over before I knew it. It was nice to be able to work with students for a change.


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