Fox and Turkeys

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Sunday mornings are kind of quiet around my house. I’m up fairly early and like to sit around and drink tea while checking my email. I also love to watch the birds that come to the feeders. The past few days have been very cold and windy and there’s been quite a bit of bird activity.

Today as I was sitting and reading, I saw a turkey fly past the back of the house into the pine trees. It’s not unusual to see turkeys around the house since a lot of sunflower seeds blow off the feeders and onto the ground below, but I only see them fly if something scares them. So I took a look out the window and there was a fox. It was so beautiful. I ran to grab my camera, cursing the fact that I’d actually put it in its case the day before. I did manage to get off a couple of shots before it ran off into the woods. It looked nice and healthy and I was amazed at how close to the house it had been. It isn’t often that I see fox around; even though I know they’re out in the woods. In a little while the turkeys came back, but not the fox. I wondered if a fox could kill a turkey. Fox are not very big and those birds are good sized and I’ve heard they’re good fighters. Maybe I’ll find out another day.





fox1    Turkey 1


9 thoughts on “Fox and Turkeys

  1. I feel like we’re looking out the same window! I do so love the way the fox almost skitters frenetically across my property. Haven’t seen him around here for a while! Guess he’s at your house!


  2. Nice pictures! I love having most wildlife stroll through the yard. We haven’t seen a fox in years, though I’m pretty sure they’re still around here. I’m impressed that you have turkeys, too!


  3. I really enjoyed that you shared your observations and your wonders. The photos add to your writing. I remember reading a kids book about foxes, years ago. They have quite a family life and fox papas like to play with their children. I have always thought they are so beautiful.


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