Cats and Beds

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What’s the deal with cats and beds? Or maybe it’s just my cat. Normally Simon doesn’t get on the bed, except for that 5AM wakeup call in the morning. However every time that I change the sheets he’s right there in the way. First, I strip the sheets off the bed and he jumps on the bed pad and rolls around a bit. When I go to put the clean sheets on, Simon’s there each  step of the way. I put the bottom sheet on and he gets on that. I throw him off, but before I can get the top sheet on he’s back up there again. Every layer of bedclothes that I add, he gets on. Simon doesn’t care if I make the bed with him in it! He doesn’t do this when I make the bed in the morning, only when I’m changing the sheets. Any bed in the house that is getting clean sheets attracts him like a magnet. Is he marking his territory by rolling around on those nice clean sheets or is he simply trying to annoy me? Cats are so smart; it’s probably both.

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6 thoughts on “Cats and Beds

  1. My two cats do this, too! My 15 year old cat acts like a kitten when I’m trying to spread the sheet out over the bed, he’s leaping and pouncing on the moving sheet. The other cat likes being covered up, so he’s fine with being under the sheets. I think they think it’s a game you have made up to entertain them


  2. Yes, cats are smart. We once had a kitten that just would not leave my husband alone when he would shave in the morning. He started putting the cat in the tub (the kitten was too small to climb out when he first did it) and turning on a trickle of water for the kitten to play with. After awhile, the cat refused to drink water from a bowl.


  3. “Any bed in the house that is getting clean sheets attracts him like a magnet.” I think he is just trying to break the sheets in for you! This was an amusing post and shows the quirkiness of cats!


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