Letting go of the Past

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My son Chad works for LL Bean and this morning he surprised me with a new coat that he bought at the E-store. I was thinking that I could wear it to school when he mentioned that it would be good for doing barn chores.


The reason he was thinking this is because my barn coat is so old. The zipper doesn’t work and the snaps are getting worn out too, so it doesn’t always stay shut.  The stuffing is showing in spots and the jacket is kind of dirty, but I’m afraid to wash it because it might disintegrate. I know I should get a different coat, but this one is so full of memories, I just can’t bear to part with it.


My oldest son, Dan, received this jacket for Christmas when he was 9 years old in 1995. I remember that my husband and I had stopped at K-Mart on a whim and had spotted the jacket. Dan loved the movie Top Gun and this jacket had a military look to it with all kinds of pockets and insignias. We hadn’t planned on getting him a jacket for Christmas, but just couldn’t resist it. He wore the jacket for a couple of years and eventually outgrew it. I don’t remember when I took it over as a barn coat, maybe when I got my two horses in 2001, but I’ve worn that coat for many winters. I have several other jackets that would be great for doing barn chores, but I just can’t seem to leave that old jacket behind. Maybe I’m so loathe to give it up  because it means accepting that my children are grown men now, and no longer little boys. It’s a little piece of the past that I’m not ready to give up. I’m sure that I’ll have to  someday, but not just yet.




One thought on “Letting go of the Past

  1. When doing barn chores you need a cozy well worn coat… You don’t want to ruin a new one! I used to have a bright yellow one that really showed the dirt… I wore it for years!


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