Pizza Night

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Once a week, we have pizza for dinner.   For a while it was frozen pizza or occassionally we’d order out, but lately I’ve been making it myself. It’s really quite good. What I mean by making it myself is that I buy a ball of Portland Pie dough, a jar of pizza sauce, pepperoni and cheese and then put the pizza together. This week, it was multi grain dough, which is one of our favorites. Portland Pie has a lot of different kinds of dough, whole wheat, beer etc. Once I get the dough spread out on my pizza pan and the sauce put on, the real fun begins. I divide the pizza in half and one side gets extra mozzarella cheese, a light dusting of cheddar cheese, pepperoni, ham and a smattering of green pepper. The other side gets mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni, very little ham and lots of green pepper. Into the oven it goes for about 12 minutes. When the cheese is just starting to turn golden, it’s time to take it out. I slide it off the pan and onto a rack to cool for a minute or two. Then we eat. Usually there is enough left so we each have some to take to work the next day. Yum!



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