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There’s a Coding Club at my school and I’m the lucky teacher  in charge. Every Tuesday morning I need to be at school by 7:50. The club doesn’t start until 8, but there are always a few kids waiting in the office when I arrive. We walk to the Learning Commons and get out the laptops. On most coding days I have about 17 students from grades 3-5. They get right to work. and I rarely have any behavior problems. There are many things that the students can do, depending on their level of expertise. One of my students has been doing some advanced courses on and is now designing a game. I don’t know a lot about coding, but I really don’t have to in order to run the club. If a student asks me how to do something and I don’t know, I put the question out to the entire group. So far, there’s always been at least one student who knows the answer and can help. I think these students are learning a lot more than just coding. They are learning to work together to solve problems, to use trial and error as a strategy, and how to think logically. The best part for me is that I see them having fun and laughing.


5 thoughts on “Coding Club

  1. “They are learning to work together to solve problems, to use trial and error as a strategy, and how to think logically.” This is the value in a club like this! I love how you put it out to the group. When it comes to technology it is best to cultivate a group of experts rather than have them all rely on us.


  2. I’m so interested in how this began! I love your post and your enthusiasm and your willingness to jump in without all the answers. Sounds to me like they are taking some of their cues from you as they take risks and give it a try. I teach middle school and have elementary children of my own. Are their websites that help kids get started learning to code?

    Thanks for sharing!


    • We started with doing Hour of Code in Dec with the entire school. Coding Club began in Feb and runs for 10 weeks. Look at There should be lots there including courses for all age students.


    • There are quite a few sites but the one we use the msot with beginners is There’s a whole curriculum plus courses which teach coding. Kids love it because it’s like a game.


  3. Interesting: my daughter learned how to code using Scratch last week, and she spent the better part of this last weekend improving a game she designed. She was so hooked that I practically had to pull her off her computer. I understand there are quite a few apps that help with this as well…..


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