Break Up and Make Up

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My youngest son, Chad, has been having some trouble with his girlfriend. They break up and get together all the time. It’s very upsetting to him, but I’ve learned to live with it. This has been happening for over a year and I know from past experience that things will change. It’s like the Maine weather; if you don’t like it, wait a minute.   Usually they start the weekend together, but by Sunday night I hear, “That Emily is such a bitch!” I reply with a noncommittal, “Oh?” He proceeds to tell me his version of what happened which usually involves Emily doing things or seeing people that he doesn’t like. Sometimes I remind him that he can’t control anyone but himself. I don’t think he really believes what I say about controlling people because when you’re 23 years old, you think people will change. They might, but usually it’s because they want to, not because someone told them to. Despite all his ranting and raving, he and Emily are back together by Thursday or Friday. But come Sunday night they’re on the outs again. I imagine that eventually Chad will figure out what to do, but until then I just listen and try to stay out of it. After so many years of caring for him, it’s hard to step back and let go. But that’s what parents do.


2 thoughts on “Break Up and Make Up

  1. Holy, you are not kidding! I have two grown children now as well and know exactly what you mean. Stepping back is sure a lot harder than chasing them around the yard or carting them to their friends’ houses. Well, let’s hope Chad figures it out soon. Hang in there!


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