Elementary vs High School

slice of life 1

Today was a staff development day for me. It was interesting to say the least. and not because of what we were supposed to be learning, but because I got a glimpse of how the secondary staff feels about the elementary staff. Working at the elementary level, I know how some elementary staffers feel about the secondary staff.

Those lucky HS teachers get a prep period every day, they teach two maybe three different classes within their one subject area, and they get much better computers/technology. Elementary teachers gets 4 preps a week, teach math, reading, writing, science, social studies, etc. and get the cast off laptops from the secondary staff and students.

Now this is what I heard from the secondary staff.

What are those elementary teachers doing? These students don’t know what there supposed to know. How am I going to get them ready to graduate when I need to reteach things they should have learned in elementary school?

I see valid gripes on both sides and neither group really knows what it’s like to be in the others shoes. I wonder if that’s how it is in most districts?


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