Feeling the Time Crunch

slice of life 1 This is going to be a short SOL. I’ve had a very busy day, have a meeting tonight and I don’t want to have to write it when I get home after 9PM.   So far every time I try to write something it just will not come out correctly. It’s too long, too boring, it’s not really what I want to say, or I can’t get the verb tenses to come out right. I just can’t pull together a cohesive thought and I’m running so late from trying to get this done that I’ll have to post when I get back from my meeting. This is going to be it. P.S.  Surprise, surprise! Wrong meeting night, it’s next Monday.


8 thoughts on “Feeling the Time Crunch

  1. It’s hard to write when you’re rushed. One thing I’ve realized more and more through the years is how much time it takes me to write something—at least something that I’m willing to share! Hoping tomorrow is less stressful and that the words cooperate! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I felt like you at first. I decided to just start writing for myself and not worry so much if it’s good enough, too long, too short, boring, etc. If I focus on what’s important to me, I find I am more confident and everyone has been so kind and thoughtful with their comments (even though I still believe my writing is not good enough and might be a bit boring to others)! So just put yourself out there. I’m gonna go back and read a few other posts of your, because I just bet they are fantastic!


  3. I know exactly how you feel! Some days, it’s such a challenge to find the right words to put on a page, while on other days, the words seem to flow. I think that it’s great that you were still able to share your day!


  4. What if you just start writing how you did today? Let be honest and just you, whatever you have to say needs to be heard by someone, I promise. Don’t over think it….says the over thinker ;).


  5. You know, last year I was writing on the day of, and this year I started posting the day before…like, I had my post done for the 2nd on March 1st. This did make me feel a little more on top things but then life happens and now I’m not ahead anymore. It’s hard – with all the other things we are doing, but I’m so glad you got a post up today! We can make it, I know it! And really, this challenge brings me more joy than anything else I do each day, how about you? 😉


  6. It sounds like we had similar days… I am squeaking out a slice way past my bedtime. Although I am beginning to think this is my bed time. Just keep writing… writing.. writing… (Think Dory from “Finding Nemo)


  7. I did something like that last night. I was convinced Comcast was coming to fix our phone lines. It was approaching 7 p.m. and I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t here. Then my husband said, “Because they’re coming from 5-7 p.m. tomorrow!” Well, that explained it!


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