Saturday’s Yard Sale

slice of life 1

Today I went to a yard sale at one of my schools. Though I had planned on getting there at 9, it was after 10 by the time I pulled into the parking lot. The lobby had raffle items displayed and after a quick look, I headed into the cafeteria. Hmmmm…there were the usual yard sale items; clothes, knickknacks, crafts, etc. I wandered around for a bit, stopping at tables and chatting with friends. Then I saw two ceramic horses, and one was exactly like a horse I had at home. My Dad had given my horse to me over 50 years ago and I’d never seen another one like it. The other was similar, but a palomino. I talked to the seller who said that most of her stuff had come from a relative’s estate and had been destined for the dumpster. Then she heard about the yard sale and decided to try it. Thank goodness she did. I bought the palomino to go with the one I had at home.

Ist forse        2nd horse

So I continued wandering around, looking at stuff and managing to spend almost all my money. I bought some beads, two beading magazines, two lengths of material, and a couple of books. One of the books I considered a great find; a children’s horse book by Jean Slaughter Doty that I’d never read.

Yard sale


It was fun to go to a yard sale while there was still snow on the ground, and even better to walk away with some good deals.


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