Dunkin Donuts and Sundays

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Every Sunday I follow the same routine. I go to Food City, the small grocery store in town, purchase my usual cold meat, sliced cheese, bread and milk; and then I go to Dunkin Donuts. You see, for the past 3 years, I’ve been buying a DD Community Mug from my hairdresser and this allows me one free iced or hot coffee every Sunday for the entire year. Now, I’m not a real coffee drinker, you’ll never catch me with dark roast or espresso. I don’t even know what those are; and I actually thought it was expresso, until spell check corrected me. The coffee I drink is more like liquid candy with names like caramel mocha, Rocky Road, and cookie dough swirl. I’m not even sure I can taste any coffee in it.

This morning as I was waiting my turn, I almost shouted with joy when I saw that my summer favorite, butter pecan swirl, was back. I’m making myself wait until the first Sunday in spring to order that. So for today, I asked for a decafe caramel swirl, cream no sugar,  and a blueberry donut. I drove home, gave the donut to my son, sat on the couch and read the Sunday paper, happily sipping that sweet caramel goodness. It’s a great Sunday routine.


8 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts and Sundays

    • This line really got me salivating – “The coffee I drink is more like liquid candy with names like caramel mocha, Rocky Road, and cookie dough swirl.” This was a fun slice – and a wonderful weekly tradition!!


  1. Some wait on robins! I also wait on the opening of local ice cream stands and the return of summer flavors. What a hopeful post about the simple things….


  2. I’m addicted to the DD coffee too. I’ve actually never had it from the store itself…we buy it by the bag and brew at home….extra large pot on Sundays! & I am sure to have plenty of French Vanilla creamer too!! Those coffee flavors have me thinking I need to visit a DD soon!


  3. I love DD coffee. Every Friday, I treat myself to a small coffee with cream for my 36 mile drive home from school! I’ve never tried all the flavored coffees, but you make them sound yummy!


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