A Short Post

slice of life 1

This will be a short post.

Friday night is my favorite night of the week. No work for two days, and I can feel it all stretching out in front of me.  Deepak Choprah uses the term “pure potentiality, “ and that is how I  think of this night. I can do anything and anything can happen.

Here’s a list of some possibilities:

  1. Go to bed.
  2. Take a nap in my chair and wake up refreshed.
  3. Go to the movies.
  4. Watch a movie at home
  5. Catch up on some email correspondence
  6. Eat some cheesecake.
  7. Have some soup
  8. Drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate
  9. Have a glass of wine
  10. Make popcorn
  11. Knit
  12. Read something fun
  13. Read a professional book
  14. Write
  15. Beadwork
  16. Read the paper
  17. Read a magazine
  18. Catch up on Twitter
  19. Catch up on FaceBook
  20. Call a friend


There’s more, but I have to get started. Friday nights don’t seem to last that long.


8 thoughts on “A Short Post

  1. Know what? You’ve inspired me. I’ve never made a to-do list for a Friday night. What a wonderful idea! I love this!!


  2. We had a snow day today, and somehow my Friday still seemed too short! I like how you created a list like this. It’s funny… I told my 7-year-old that I had one goal for today, which was to finish my book. Well, I’ve done laundry and written my “slice” today, but I don’t know if that book will get finished…!


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