You Call That Snow?

slice of life 1 Yesterday, I received some bad news. My son’s girlfriend had failed her big medical school exam and would have to take it again. For the rest of the night I thought about how I could help or show my support, since she was was far away in WV. Finally it hit me; send her some flowers.  In the morning I searched the internet, found a florist in Beckley, picked out a cheery  arrangement and called in my order. The woman on the phone was pleasant, but  said they couldn’t deliver them today due to the snow.  She assured me they would be delivered the following day, so I placed my order. Wow! They must be having a big storm, I thought. Maybe I better check  and see how bad it was.  I read the forecast on the Weather Channel.  SNOW!   Then at the bottom of the screen, I saw it. Snow total: an inch or less.  Wait, an inch or less. That must be wrong.  An inch of snow isn’t really enough to stop anything, is it?  Well, apparently in West Virginia it is.


8 thoughts on “You Call That Snow?

  1. So sorry to hear she didn’t pass her exam… I can’t believe they stop everything for an inch of snow. We’ve reached the point where we don’t even shovel that… it’s merely a dusting.


  2. LOL–after last year’s Snowmageddon in Atlanta, we cancel school at the threat of snow. I wouldn’t think that would be the case in West Virginia. Maybe the florist needed a day off. What a sweet gesture. I’m sure that will make her happy.


  3. This just made me laugh. I live in San Diego. When it rains, you would think it snows. My students wear snow jackets and no one goes more than 45 mph. I grew up on the east coast and I was laugh in my head. The weather is all relative to what you are used to or where you grew up!


  4. I live in Buffalo, New York. You have no idea how well I empathize with you. I’m sorry about the exam. Sorrier still that you know what REAL snow is 😉 Spring is coming!


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