A Frustrating Night

Today I was going to write about how songs trigger memories. Unfortunately, that will not be my post tonight due to a blog operator malfunction. I was writing my piece and was almost done when I opened another tab in my browser to check a fact in Wikipedia. And that’s when it happened.  I closed my blog tab instead of the wikipedia tab. Oh no, no, no!  Stay calm, I thought, it will be right there, saved as a draft.  Only it wasn’t. I spent some time searching, but it was nowhere to be found. Oh my God, I’m going to have to start all over again.  I felt sick.  That’s when I made my decision, the blog malfunction would become my SOL for today. And just maybe, my song/memory blog will reappear tomorrow and I can post it then.


7 thoughts on “A Frustrating Night

  1. Oh I’ve been in that situation before and it is a terrible, terrible feeling. It is a gut wrenching feeling to lose writing. But, I love your happy spin and your ability to see a new slice within the old 🙂


  2. I HATE when this happens! I have gotten into the habit of keeping a Google Drive folder with all my blog posts, and writing them there before posting – that way it saves automatically! Hopefully your post will turn up, and good luck in the rest of the month! #sol15


  3. Oh No! There must be some weird cyber karma happening tonight! My post from last night disappeared but I can still see the comments people wrote! I was able to repost it fortunately. Just think now you can save your cool idea for another day and it will have more time to ferment!


  4. I second the Google Drive motion! I write mine in Word too. Cut, paste, clean up after previewing if needed. So frustrating!!!


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