What I Love About Mondays

slice of life 1 As a general rule, I don’t like Mondays, or to be more specific, I don’t like Mondays that I have to go to work. It’s the getting up and rushing around to make sure I’m on time that leaves me cold. But there is one thing that I love on Mondays more than any other day of the week.  It’s my bed.  On Monday morning when that alarm goes off, my bed is the warmest, most comfortable place in the world. I’m all snuggled in with my cozy fleece sheets; and the weight of my blankets make me feel like I’m in my own little cocoon.  Oh how I hate to leave that bed.  By Tuesday, I’m back in the routine of work, so it’s easier to get up; and  the same  goes for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.  On weekends  when I can stay in bed as long as I want,  for some reason it just doesn’t feel as comfy.   But on Mondays,  I feel like I could stay in that bed forever.


7 thoughts on “What I Love About Mondays

  1. Oh do I hear you! The fleece sheets. The weight of the blankets. The rushing around. I get up early just so I can have a leisurely pace in the morning. Nice descriptive writing!


  2. Lucky me, I had a snow day today and was able to stay in my warm bed a little longer. Too bad my 20 month old didn’t get the memo…


  3. We enjoyed a few snow days last week which made it possible to snuggle, get up and snuggle more–all in warm, comfy sheets! There is something to be said for a comfy bed. Pray you have many more Mondays and a few that you don’t have work!


  4. Daylight savings will be here soon, and I am looking forward to watching the sun warm up western New York for a few more hours each day. What a long, hard winter it’s been. Happy Tuesday!


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