Setting Up My Blog

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A friend told me about the March Slice of Life Challenge which requires that you start a blog and post to it every day for the entire month. So I decided to try it. I’m not a great writer, but lately I’d been feeling that maybe I had something to say.  And really, how hard could blogging be?  Well, setting up the blog was harder than I thought.  My first task was to come up with  a great name for my blog, which I did;  “Before I Forget”.  Being in my early 60’s I’m beginning to forget things so this seemed very appropriate, it was kind of clever and I loved it. Unfortunately it had already been used.  So now I was  stuck thinking up a new name.  You know how once you’ve got something set in your mind it’s really hard to think of something new.  Well  that’s exactly what happened, my mind was a blank, and when I finally did think of something, it was unavailable.  Several days later I apprehensively typed in “My Choo Choo Train of Thought” and there it was, the name of my blog.  A little juvenile, but hey, I’m an elementary school librarian.  Next was choosing a theme.  Do you know how many themes there were?  It seemed like hundreds, and being a tiny bit obsessive I had to look at them all.  I tried several, played with different photos across the top, and an hour or two later, settled on a theme called Kelly.  It’s very simple and that’s probably best until I figure out what I’m doing. Wow! Who would have thought  that it would take me so long just to set up the blog, never mind actually posting to it. So I feel like my first blog isn’t about the writing part of the blog, but about the blog itself. As for sharing  my thoughts, there’s still tomorrow and the next day, and the next… Boy, March is a long month isn’t it?


12 thoughts on “Setting Up My Blog

  1. The hard part is over, see? I like this theme; your blog looks great. I’m sure you’ll want to customize it as you learn more, but really, it’s very clean and simple this way.

    Welcome to our community. I’m looking forward to reading your stories! (If you don’t forget them…)


  2. Yay Trish! I am so glad you are here! I will love having someone to share thoughts and ideas with! I loved your honesty about the struggles in setting up your blog. I ran into the same trouble last year trying to put together the blog just as the challenge was starting. Maybe “Before I Forget” can be the title of the book you write based on your blog!


  3. The hard part is over. Now that it is all set up, you can get to the writing. It is great that you were so determined and saw it through. Happy blogging.


  4. I love that you are challenging yourself to go outside of your comfort zone! It certainly sounds like setting up your blog was your slice of life for sure! I love your blog name by the way and yes, you have many, many more days to write about other things…don’t worry!


  5. I was smiling as I was reading – I was not the only one trying to make sense of the blogging world! My first time as well. Good luck with the technical part. You are doing just fine with the writing!


  6. I think that the hardest part, by far, of starting to blog is choosing a name. I was with my team just last week getting the last one of us set up with a blog. It took all 4 of us thinking and searching to finally come up with something. I’m glad that you feel like you have a lot to share, that’s MY hardest part. Welcome to the world of blogging and the SOL challenge!


  7. I love the conversational tone of your piece and your description of your blog-creating journey made me smile. I found myself nodding in agreement at several of your statements. Thanks for sharing!


  8. It’s so hard to choose a name – and start to figure out all the ins and outs of making it all work. You are doing great – and the SOL challenge is the perfect way to begin. I bet you DO have something to say – and I’m looking forward to hearing it. 🙂


  9. Your blog is LOVELY! I remember setting up my first blog. It was as overwhelming as it was thrilling, and I think I stayed up all night looking at themes. I’m glad you are here, glad you are blogging, and your title is perfect. Now, be nice to yourself. The blog police won’t show up if you miss a post or two or four. Just have fun 🙂


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